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The Personal Best Performance assessment contains 2 separate sections  The entire process will take about 30-45 minutes and should prove to be a very rewarding experience. This process is built upon the Nobel Peace Prize nominated research of Dr. Robert S. Hartman plus 35 years of ongoing research and validation by one of his most gifted graduate students, Wayne Carpenter.

Note:  Please write down the Log In and Password information you received from your Invitation email

Before you begin, please take a moment to READ THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY as they are different for EACH PART of the survey.


This personal best performance survey contains 2 parts and the directions are different for each part. 

Part 1 presents you with 18 statements. You will first mark them as positive or negative statements by selecting the indicator to the left of each statement.  If you mark it as positive the statement turns BLUE; if you mark it as Negative, the statement turns RED.  

Then you will be asked to RE-RANK THEM based upon your view of the RELATIVE GOODNESS or VALUE of each statement.   The statement you believe has the MOST value/goodness would be ranked # 1...and the statement you believe has the LEAST value/goodness would be ranked # 18.  Rearrange all 18 statements based upon your view of their VALUE and NOT their IMPORTANCE.  You move the statements up or down the list by LEFT CLICKING the CENTER of the STATEMENT and then WHILE HOLDING THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON DOWN...dragging the statement up or down the list to place it in the ranking slot of your choice. Take a moment to review your rankings before you leave to be sure they are the way you want them.  

Part 2 presents a second set of 18 statements. Again, divide them into positive and negative statements. They will turn BLUE for a positive statement and RED for a negative one.  The statement you believe has the MOST VALUE or represents the MOST POSITIVE statement would be #1... and the statement you believe has the LEAST VALUE and is the MOST NEGATIVE statement would be # 18.  Rearrange all 18 so you have them in the proper order based upon your view of their relative value. Again, please take a moment to review your rankings before you press the continue button.

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